Downloadable programs

Programming has for a long time been one of my favourite hobbies, so it seems appropriate that I should devote a few web pages to it! I've programmed on various machines, including ARM/RISC OS, EPOC, Symbian, Windows, WinCE/Windows Mobile, XBox, PS2, Maemo, SailfishOS and Linux devices. More a reflection of my age than anything else, but I now concentrate mostly on Linux!

You'll find many of the programs here are rather old, but there's also plenty of code that's very much alive and in active development.

Click on one of the navigation links to go to the downloads pages. There you'll find lists for various operating systems as well as links to some specific programs which are more well-developed and so I feel deserve their own pages.

Enjoy the programs, and remember feedback regarding them is always welcome!

RSS feed An RSS feed of all of my downloadable software is available.


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