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I'm David Llewellyn-Jones and this is my homepage. I'm a researcher in network security who's also interested in programming and graphics. You might be interested in my research, my software or my random musings.

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16 Sep 2015 : Constantia downtime #
Constantia, the server running will be going down for a couple of days (possibly longer) due to both physical and virtual relocation. I predict it'll be back up just as soon as I have an internet connection at my new address to work with. And that no one will notice except me!
24 Jul 2015 : Functy and Knot3D back online #
About a week ago SourceForge suffered what seemed to be a catastrophic outage, taking everything offline. I realised when some of the tools I use for continuous integration and syndication started to complain at me. I'm pleased to see things are getting back to normal. Both Functy and Knot3D are hosted on SourceForge and both are now back online. SourceForge is an important site from an Open Source perspective and I feel for the SourceForge team who clearly have had to do a lot of work to piece everything back together.
5 Jun 2015 : Knot3D daily builds #
Knot3D is now also available as a daily build from my Ubuntu Launchpad PPA. If you're using Ubuntu, it's by far the easiest way to install and keep it updated.
31 May 2015 : Dandelion Ubunut PPA with daily builds #
Dandelion is now available in my Launchpad PPA, so anyone using Ubuntu can install it and get updates with much ease and simplicity.
5 May 2015 : New page for svx2vdb #
The svx2vdb tool now has its own page with screenshots and everything. Looking back, I'm not certain it warranted its own page, but it's done now.