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I'm David Llewellyn-Jones and this is my homepage. I'm a researcher in network security who's also interested in programming and graphics. You might be interested in my research, my software or my random musings.

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5 May 2015 : New page for svx2vdb #
The svx2vdb tool now has its own page with screenshots and everything. Looking back, I'm not certain it warranted its own page, but it's done now.
2 May 2015 : svx2vdb added #
The svx2vdb tool has now been added to the Linux software page. It's still very early code, but seems to work on the files I've tried so far.
28 Apr 2015 : Updated Web Apps #
With the recent server upgrade some of my Web Apps went awry. This morning I updated the Mandelbrot Explorer and BotStop apps so they're back up and running. This means all of the kinks following the regression to 2006 should now be ironed out. Relief!
17 Apr 2015 : Back from 2006 #
Yesterday an unexpected server upgrade caused my website to drop back to what it looked like in 2006, which was more than a little disconcerting. After a bit of panic today, and with the help of my hosting provider we've now got the site back to the future again and into its 2015 state. Phew!
12 Apr 2015 : Twitter name change #
I've just changed my twitter name to flypigahoy. Now I get to slowly find all of the places I've linked to twitter from!