Welcome to my homepage! Here you'll find information about me, my research and various pieces of software I've written. You're welcome to contact me by email; please PGP encrypt your message using my public key if you want privacy.

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David Llewellyn-Jones


2 Nov 2014 : Functy 0.33 released #
This version allows you to export function animations as a series of PNG frames. It also allows models to be exported in Simple Voxel SVX format which is unusual since it outputs as a volume rather than a surface and can be used to upload models to Shapeways for 3D printing, like this. There are also some UI improvements, like a progress bar for long exports, and some info/documentation options. Installers and source are available from the Functy site or Sourceforge.
4 Oct 2014 : Functy 0.32 released #
A rapid release with a few new changes, the latest version of Functy is now up to version 0.32. It now supports STL export of models and animations. There have also been some important bugfixes, especially to fix PLY export that sometimes resulted in corrupted output under Windows. The new installers and source are available from the Functy site or Sourceforge.
28 Sep 2014 : Functy 0.31 released #
Functy version 0.31 is now available from the Functy site and Sourceforge. It has a couple of UI improvements, allowing the left and lower panel to be toggled on and off. Shadows can also be turned on and off, and the focus blur depth of field can be controlled.
10 Sep 2014 : Getting organised #
My Teaching page now has details of my availability times, lectures and lab sessions for the 2014-15 academic year.
26 Jul 2014 : New Special Jolla Covers #
There are now three new 3D printed cover designs available from the The Other Side pages for Jolla phones. There are two Celtic knot designs and one with studs that can be built on with LEGO ® bricks. Hopefully this will be just the start and there are more new designs in the pipeline!