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Below you will find a list of links that I find interesting or useful. At the moment, there aren't very many, though.

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General links

2 Oct 2011 : Shapeways #
Shapeways is a brilliant service that allows you to upload 3D designs and have them 3D printed in a range of materials. A development of rapid prototyping, I'm hoping this will be the future of production. Check out my virtual shopfront for some printable 3D Celtic Knots.
15 Nov 2010 : DuckDuckGo #
This search engine is fantastic. I had to really wean myself off Google (not because it's any good - it had just become habitual). DuckDuckGo is better in so many ways. Privacy (including Tor). Security. No ads. Javascript-free and lite versions. Keyboard shortcuts. Bangs. Goodies. Did I mention that there are no ads? Amazing!
9 Jun 2010 : Readability #
This really useful utility has been cleverly integrated into Safari by Apple, but the original works on pretty much any (javascript-enabled) browser. It reformats and styles a page to give a much better reading (and printing!) experience.
10 Jun 2009 : The Computer Language Benchmarks Game #
Ever wanted to compare the speed of the same program written in different languages? No? Well, you should have. I do it all the time. Unfortunately this site only covers GNU/Linux (no Windows .Net), but personally I think it's still fascinating.
10 Jun 2009 : Object-Oriented Programming With ANSI-C (pdf) #
Object-oriented programming is still the programming paradigm of the moment, even if the foreword to this book says the same thing from back in 1993. But this book elegantly demonstrates the obvious truth that OOP is really a discipline, not a paradigm. You can do OOP really well using C. Written by Axel-Tobias Schreiner.
27 Nov 2008 : #
Save files in (on?) the Interflumes cloud that you can then link directly to. I used to have here, but that seems to have gone into hiding.
13 Feb 2007 : Nodiad #
Annotate with Nodiad Nodiad allows you to annotate web pages by adding notes to them. I have to declare an interest in this one, but thought I'd add it here anyway!
19 Jul 2006 : Ambient Connection #
Another blog, this time it's the blog for Ambient Performamce, a technology/innovation e-learning consultancy. Lots of interesting stuff relating to computer game learning technology.
19 Jul 2006 : Haphazard Journey by Starlight #
This is my sister's blog. Interesting material relating to location-based gaming. It's still young, but growing and isn't quite as haphazard as the name might suggest...
16 Jun 2006 : TinyApps.Org #
A brilliant site that lists tiny and mostly free programs and utilities. This is how all programs should be!
16 Jun 2006 : Samorost 2 #
A crazy but enigmatic flash game. Worth having a go if you've got a bit of time to enjoy it.
16 Jun 2006 : Wikimapia #
A really neat way to add extra info to Google maps. Already has a surprising amount of info about various places. Here's a snapshot from the site showing the area I live in:
31 Jan 2006 : Drobe Launchpad #
This used to be a portal directed mostly towards RISC OS stuff, but is now an archive containing articles of yore.
31 Jan 2006 : The Flying Pig's Old Homepage #
This is my old homepage. It has now been superceded by this site (the one you're looking at now).