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30 May 2011 : Celtic Knotwork #
Added a new Web app, this time a simple Celtic Knot Generator. It's really just a doodle for generating knots, and is still buggy in places, but the basic functionality seems to work.
22 May 2011 : School's out #
Updated the Teaching page to reflect the fact there are no more lectures now until next August.
22 May 2011 : Updated Web Apps page #
Updated the Web apps page to include the iCalendar Generator.
22 May 2011 : Calendar entries #
For a while now I've been using a hacky piece of code to generate iCalendar files on the Teaching page. There's now an even hackier HTML/javascript wrapper for it to make it easier to use on the new iCalendar Generator page. This also uses the new HTML 5 geolocation API for no particularly good reason, except that it's there (although sometimes, it's not!).