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28 Jul 2012 : Beautiful Knot renders by Tony Ralano #
Tony Ralano has created some beautiful images using models exported from Knot, combined with his excellent skills using Blender. This render looks more real to me than my photos of the 3D printed versions!
22 Jul 2012 : Raspberry Pi and NXT together #
Added a blog post about what happens when you try to balance a Raspberry Pi on top of a Lego NXT robot.
6 Jul 2012 : Real 3D spherical functions #
The first 3D print generated using Functy arrived today. There's more on the Functy blog and the Shapeways site.
1 Jul 2012 : Functy 0.25 released #
Another release of Functy. This time the big improvement is that you can export functions as models in Stanford Triangle Format, which can then be imported into 3D modelling applications like Blender or MeshLab. I'm also hoping this will also allow them to be 3D printed, but I'm still waiting for the results of testing on this! Download the latest version from the Functy Website.