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24 Aug 2013 : Responsive Housekeeping #
Earlier this month the site style got a bit of a refresh by making it work better on smaller displays. Some of the other styles (Dream+, Plan+, Achieve+ and Serenitatis) have also now been updated to benefit from a bit more responsive behaviour.
11 Aug 2013 : Quick Dandelion update #
Added Memory Threads demo video to the Dandelion page.
8 Aug 2013 : Dandelion 1.0.0 released #
I'm pleased to announce the release of Dandelion version 1.0.0. Dandelion is an Open Source (LGPL) 3D network graph visualisation tool that can be controlled by other programs through a simple network interface. The source code is up on GitHub and you can download Windows and Linux deb installers from the Dandelion page. As always this is just an initial release. Hopefully I'll get time to implement the many more improvements planned in the near future.
7 Aug 2013 : Growing More Responsive #
Responsive Web Design appears to be the latest revolution in the cycle between fixed and variable width Websites. It seemed worth a look, so the default Onyx style of the site now adapts itself for smaller widths (you can test it on a desktop by dragging the browser window thinner). I'm not yet sure I'm wholly convinced by the result, so it'll be up for a bit while it's being testing. It's also provided a good opportunity to update the title graphic for the site.