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25 Dec 2011 : Merry Christmas #
Have a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and much Yuletide festivity!
23 Dec 2011 : New lecture and lab times #
My Advanced Computer Games Technology module for next semester has just had its lab and lecture slots moved to Monday afternoons. The new details are on the Teaching page.
21 Dec 2011 : Lectures and labs #
I've just updated the details on my Teaching page for the new semester. This means the timetables, Blackboard links and iCal files for the labs and lectures are now all available and ready for January.
18 Dec 2011 : Merry Christmas! #
With all of the turmoil happening at home and work the Christmas decorations are still languishing in a box in our living room and the tree is still bare. Nonetheless, at least I've been able to turn on the decorations on this site. Merry Christmas!
18 Dec 2011 : Stormy weather #
This evening I managed to get ownCloud installed and set up on my home server. I'm impressed with how easy it was to get going, especially given the venerability of the hardware. Nonetheless it appears to work well and should be a really useful tool for temporary file transfers, without having to rely on an untrusted service. The only slight problem is the name: can you really use 'cloud' when it's running locally?
11 Dec 2011 : Shadier times #
It's taken a long, looong time, but I've finally started integrating OpenGL GLSL shader code into my various programs. To start with it's just Knot and StockCube, but the big goal is to add it to Functy, since this should really be able to benefit. So far I'm just using a simple cell shader to demonstrate an effect but in the future the plan is to fully generate function surfaces and Bezier tubes using shaders.