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19 Feb 2012 : The World Wild West #
Now that the Web is growing up, it turns out I don't need to be quite so protective over my private email address. The email spam problem hasn't completely gone, but I no longer appear to be receiving literally hundreds of daily spam emails on my public address. I've therefore decided to take a risk and combine my public and private addresses together. Big risks mean big returns. Right? Anyway, feel free to email away on my new address. Unless of course youíre a spammer.
12 Feb 2012 : From 2D to 3D #
Another couple of Celtic knots arrived by post. There's a small amount of info about them and some photos on my blog.
9 Feb 2012 : Teaching time #
Should have done this a while back, but I've now updated the teaching page with the updated Secure Software Development times and access times.
4 Feb 2012 : Bronze Knot #
I received my first 3D bronze print yesterday through the post. I'm very impressed with the result, which you can see in this short post, or order your own from the Shapeways website.