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29 May 2012 : Functy 0.24 released #
The latest version of Functy is now available with the exciting new addition of 'curves'. This new function type allows parametric curves to be defined using cylindrical co-ordinate cross sections. All of the functions can also be rendered entirely on the GPU, including per-pixel lighting with normals calculated per-pixel from the function derivative (rather than using interpolated normals). Grab it if you're interested from the Functy website.
27 May 2012 : Raspberry Pi Functy Package #
A new ARM Debian package built on a Raspberry Pi is now available. Find out more and grab a copy from the Functy website.
24 May 2012 : Functy running on the Raspberry Pi #
I'm increasingly impressed by the Raspberry Pi, and I'm happy to say that Functy runs fine on it, 3D and all! See the Functy blog for more details.
24 May 2012 : Arrival of the Raspberry Pi #
This morning a dinimutive package from Element 14 arrived containing a Raspberry Pi computer. I was pretty amazed: normally our postman struggles to fit my copies of EDGE through the letterbox. It was suprisingly easy to set up too, so that I'm now typing this text on it running ARM Debian and LXDE. Brilliant!
13 May 2012 : New Knot 0.1.2 packages #
Knot version 0.1.2 has now been released and the packages are up on SourceForge for download. The biggest addition to this new version is the ability to save the knot images out as PNG files. Many thanks go to lylejk for suggesting the change; hopefully it'll allow people to better make use of the generated knots in 2D graphics packages.
6 May 2012 : Colourful curves #
Added a few screenshots and icons to the Curves library page to give some basic idea about what the library could be used for (and to brighten up the page a bit).
6 May 2012 : New Knot 0.1.1 packages #
Version 0.1.1 of Knot is now available from SourceForge. I've also spent a bit of time updating all of the links, so everything should now point to this SourceForge version rather than the previous version in the Subversion repository.
6 May 2012 : Knot on SourceForge #
Knot has been released into the wild as a project on SourceForge. This means the code is now hosted there rather than on my home server, but it doesn't really change anything else. It's still open source and released under an MIT licence. There are still some loose ends to tie up, such as links I need to point to the new version, but hopefully this will all be sorted out over the next couple of days.
5 May 2012 : Curves on SourceForge #
The Curves Library code has now been moved over to SourceForge to become part of the Functy package. The plan is to allow Functy to render parametric curves, just as soon as the library can be properly integrated.
5 May 2012 : New Symbolic page #
Created a launch page for the Symbolic Library. The actual code is hosted on SourceForge as part of the Functy application.