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There is a more recent version of this site and a new address for this page. It can be found here

Downloadable programs

     Programming has for a long time been one of my favourite hobbies. So it seems appropriate that I should devote a few web pages to it! Although I've programmed on various machines, including ARM/RISC OS, Symbian, Windows, WinCE/PocketPC/Windows Mobile, XBox, PS2 and Linux devices, the majority of programs here are for RISC OS machines, with a few Psion and Windows programs too.

RISC OS, EPOC and Windows downloads
RISC OS downloads Symbian EPOC (Psion) downloads Windows downloads

Click on any of the green buttons above to go to the downloads pages. From left to right, you'll find programs for RISC OS, Symbian and Windows. If you're unfamiliar with RISC OS or Symbian there is some brief description given towards the end of this page.

TapirMail TapirMail

One of the projects I'm working on at the moment is an email client for RISC OS called TapirMail. It's a remote inbox email client, which means that the emails are only downloaded to memory and aren't deleted from the email server. This makes it useful for checking emails on multiple computers, or reading emails on the move. Since I've released TapirMail as shareware, it's got its own website, which you can view by clicking on the pink button to the left.

Compose is a visual programming language that uses hyper-pipes between applications to allow componentised applications to be built graphically. Basically you drag a load of components onto a canvas, then draw a load of links between them to create a program. It's a very quick and easy way to create simple programs that extends the idea of Unix pipes to two dimensions. Click on the silver button to the right to find out more about Compose.

Compose Compose
armTeX armTeX

LaTeX is a document preparation system ideally suited for typesetting mathematical and scientific documents. One of the ports of LaTeX for RISC OS is called armTeX, which I've recompiled to be 26/32-bit neutral to work with Iyonix machines. Also available is a recompiled version of DVIview which will also work on the Iyonix. You can download all of these by clicking on the white button to the left.

There's a new space on the site where I plan to put stuff related to networking. So far there's only one article about how to turn a server into a client. If you want to read it, click on the light blue button to the right.

Network Server Client
Record Record

If you'd like to find out the last recorded status of my computer, then you can do this by clicking on the yellow button to the left. I'm intending to update this whenever I access the internet, but since it's a new addition I don't know how well this is going to work!

In addition to TapirMail and the programs on the downloads page, I've also written a two player maze-type game for RISC OS computers. You can download it from the Castle Harenae web page, where you can also get the latest plugins to improve the game even further. Click on the orange button to the right to go to it.

Castle Harenae Castle Harenae

I hope you enjoy some of the programs, and please remember that any feedback regarding them is always welcome!

The computers that I use

     RISC OS computers have been around for some time now. They run on ARM Risc processors which have a beautifully simple yet effective instruction set. These processors are complemented with the RISC OS operating system which I find equally nice to program and use. The biggest disadvantage of using RISC OS is that it has quite a small user base, now that the world is overun with Windows. This is a shame, since there's a lot to be said for RISC OS, and it has some fantastic applications written for it. If you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of RISC OS, check out the entry in h2g2. A history of the platform can be found on Richard Atterer's site. RISC OS is supported locally by the Association of Acorn User Groups.


Now that I've upgraded to an Iyonix I also run Debian ARM Linux on my machine.

The other type of computer that I use is a Psion Revo+ running the EPOC (Symbian) operating system. As coincidence would have it this also runs on the same ARM processor core as RISC OS machines. I've written fewer programs for Psion computers, but you'll find a selection of those that exist on the Symbian downloads page.

Finally, just for completeness, I also have a PC laptop running Windows XP and Mandrake Linux.

All of these web pages pages were produced using a RISC OS machine.