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Programs for Psions (Symbian EPOC)

     This page contains a number of downloadable programs I've written. They are all intended to be run on Psion machines running the Symbian EPOC operating system.

If you have any queries, bug reports or problems with any of them, please feel free to e-mail me. I can also supply source code to anyone interested. There's no charge for using any of them, but I retain copyright, so please let me know if you intend to distribute any altered versions.

Once downloaded, the series 3 files should be unzipped and saved into the APP folder of your Psion. They can then be installed in the usual way. The series 5 program includes installation instructions.


Version 1.00 (23 Dec 2001) - 17k - screenshot.

This is a text file reader for viewing books saved as text files. It now works on both the Series 5 and the Revo and also now installs properly from a SIS file. Text viewed using it is automatically formatted and can be displayed using various fonts and sizes. It also has search and bookmark facilities. I wrote this in order to view books downloaded from the Project Gutenberg website, but for best results I've also written a reformatter which will reformat Project Gutenberg text files into a more flexible style (you can download it above).

Pixel and Chars

Pixel and Chars

Version 1.00 (04 Aug 1998) - 11k.

Two programs for Psion series 3a/c/mx and Acorn Pocket Books. Pixel is a simple icon editor which lets you draw icons at 9 times zoom. It has cut and paste functions, text, ellipses and other wondrous objects. Give your artistic talent the freedom it's been yearning for! Chars, is a quick reference program giving codes for all of those top bit characters (like à ê ï ø ú ¥ and so on) which a recent report has proven are impossible to remember. Give your linguistic talent the freedom it's been yearning for!