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     You have arrived at my homepage. It's split into three main sections which you can jump to by clicking on the raised bit around the edges of the page. The buttons do the following:

  •  Blue - the blue 'home' button will return you to this page;
  •  Purple - for information about me, my interests and also some maths;
  •  Red - to download programs for RISC OS, Psion and Windows machines;
  •  Green - for links to other sites that I like;
  •  Black - for thoughts on things I feel are interesting or important.
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I can be e-mailed at david-web01@flypig.co.uk and will happily accept PGP encrypted e-mail using my public key.

I've now added a news section to the bottom of this page. This will highlight all of the updates to these pages, and possibly any other stuff that I consider newsworthy!

All of the pages have now been updated to ensure successful W3C validation.

     David Llewellyn-Jones


permanent link   Saturday, January 14, 2006   (link)
VNC server updated   :   Erk. Updates to VNC already. To include Crispian Daniels's improvements to the program. Visit the ports page to get hold of it. It's in the computing section.

permanent link   Saturday, January 14, 2006   (link)
Webalizer really is 32-bit now   :   Thanks to David Pitt, the RISC OS port of Webalizer has enjoyed an update to purge all 26-bit code from the binary. To get it, click the red, far left green and then light blue buttons to get go to the ports page.

permanent link   Friday, January 13, 2006   (link)
The snow ceased   :   We're well into January now, and whilst the chance of snow in the real world here in Liverpool seems to be getting more likely, I've taken the snow effect off the site for now.

permanent link   Friday, January 13, 2006   (link)
VNC server   :   A 32-bit version of Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen's GPL VNC server is now available for the Iyonix from the ports page. It's a great utility, but does probably still contain bugs from my recompilation of it. If you want to give it a try, click the red, far left green and then light blue buttons to get it.

permanent link   Wednesday, December 07, 2005   (link)
Christmas Salutations!   :   Added the snowy effect to the main index page. Getting into the Christmas spirit!

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