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There is a more recent version of this site and a new address for this page. It can be found here

     On this page I've put a selection of links to internet site which I have found interesting, exciting or even useful! If you want to see all of the sites which I currently use then take a look at my bookmarks.


Web sites of people I know (friends and enemies all together...)
Alex Dent Alex's new website. In his own words it's "a lot less silly than the last one. Well, a bit less silly"!
Rahul Fernandez Maths solutions, maths solutions, get your maths solutions here...
Adrian King The new and redesigned (again) Adrian Zone. Music, physics and peril a plenty.
Jim Duncan The wandering sailor returns with a bag full of happiness. Mostly legal.
Stuart Hendren Stuart's all new and improved site, with a lot more maths, badminton, photography and style.
John Bray A mathematical Groupie.
John Haggerty John knows all about how to build walls out of fire to improve safety. 'Tis a recipe for disaster, I tells ye.
Fausto Sainz de Salces They say you should never work with computers or the elderly. Fausto does both. (Okay, I admit, I made that first bit up).


Maths and Logic related web sites.
Richard Kaye Richard was my supervisor at Birmingham University. Although in the maths section, this site will also be of interest to trombone players (!).
Mathenomicon Mathematical news and a brilliant mathematical reference and biography section.
Constants and Equations Need an equation in an emergency? Then this is your site.
World of Mathematics Covers lots of areas of mathematics giving brief descriptions and explanations of problems.


A selection of computing sites, mostly for RISC OS.
OS news Testament to the amazing variety of desktop operating systems that exist.
GUI Gallery Screenshots of all sorts of graphical user interfaces. Honestly, this is the kind of thing I find interesting!
Launch Pad A portal directed mostly towards RISC OS stuff, but more varied than most since its content touches on the rest of the world aswell.
Icon Bar Another RISC OS portal, but with more original content.
AAUG The Association of Acorn User Groups actively supports local user groups and RISC OS in general.

Literature and Art

Here are a couple of sites with articles and generally interesting content.
Arts and Letters Daily Tasteful, interesting and now reborn. It claims to pick out the 'Precious nuggets of real content' from the rest of the drivel on the net.
SCiTECH daily review A sister site to A&DL, but this time with all the latest and best science articles on the web.
The Gutenberg Project If you want a book, but paper costs too much, then why not download it for free? A massive index of uncopyrighted books all available to download.
Nobody Here No idea what's going on here. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's good. Unfortunately requires lots of Flash and Javascript gubbins.
The Onion This is one of my favourite Onion articles. Unfortunately it's now in the paid-for archive, so the link is to the Wayback Machine version.


A selection of sites which let you find useful information about all sorts of things.
The Memory Hole 'But it did exist! It does exist! It exists in memory. I remember it. You remember it.'   Enjoy the Orwellian nightmare today.
Wikipedia A collaborative GNU public encyclopaedia which anybody is entitled to add to or edit. It already covers a surprising variety of information.
h2g2 Now part of BBCi, this is the Earth version of the Hitchhikers's Guide to the Galaxy. More information than you can shake a stick at.
Wayback Machine A huge and amazing archive, containing the web of yore.
ODP The Open Directory Project. Lots of links which can be added to by anyone.