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permanent link   Monday, August 30, 2004   (link)
DarkBASIC links   :   Fixed the broken DarkBASIC links on the windows downloads page (thanks Rahul for pointing out the error!).

permanent link   Friday, August 27, 2004   (link)
Research site   :   I've now set up a separate research site using my university webspace, to cover some of the stuff I'm working on. There's not a great deal there right now apart from a rather dodgy photo, but at least it's better than the holding page that was there before!

permanent link   Friday, August 27, 2004   (link)
Photo Album   :   Addad a virtual photo album. Photo-tastic! You can access it from the "about me" page (the purple button), but although there are a few photos in it, they'll probably only be of much interest to those that feature in them.

permanent link   Thursday, August 12, 2004   (link)
Another TairMail update   :   Unfortunately there was a teensy-weensy bug in the last version of TapirMail I posted to the TapirMail website. So now there's a nice spangly new version with said bug removed.

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