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permanent link   Friday, November 26, 2004   (link)
Getting seasonal   :   Getting ready for the Christmas frenzy... it's not snowing outside, but the web isn't real, so it's snowing here instead.

permanent link   Sunday, November 21, 2004   (link)
More LaTeX   :   New versions of armTeX and BuTeX uploaded to the site to fix a couple of bugs etc. ArmTeX could still do with a drop of sauce, though.

permanent link   Monday, November 08, 2004   (link)
LaTeX for the Iyonix   :   I've just uploaded to the site recompiled versions of armTeX and DVIview which work on the Iyonix. They provide a working LaTeX environment for the machine. Read more by clicking on the red 'computing' button and then the white 'armTeX' button.

permanent link   Sunday, November 07, 2004   (link)
BuTeX   :   There's now an updated version of BuTeX on the RISC OS downloads page. BuTeX is a set of button bars for Zap intended to make using LaTeX easier. Don't know what the command for a normal subset is? Just click on the button. Hoorah!

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