Configuring your email accounts

To setup your first email acount, select New Account, fom the iconbar menu. The Account Profile window will open.

Figure 2

Title: is the name you want to appear on the iconbar menu to identify the account


Name: your name, or the name you want TapirMail to use to identify you when sending email from this account

Email Address: your email address


Server: the address of your pop mail server. Contact your service provider for details

Port: the port you will use for pop mail. The default is 110

Username: your username or you email account, as provided by your service provider

Save password: tick this if you do not want to be prompted for your password

Password: the password you use to access your email


Server: the address of your smtp server. This is used when sending email. Contact your service provider for details

Port: the port you will use the smtp mail. The default is 25

SMTP Authentication

Authentification method can be selected by clicking on one of the radio buttons for the following methods: -

When you have selected an authentication method, you are then able to enter the appropriate authentifcation details: -

Usersame details as Pop 3 server: use this option to utilise the login details you have already entered under the POP 3 server settings

Username: enter the username for your smtp server

Save password: if you would like your password remembered for future communications with your SMTP server, please tick this box

Password: enter your SMTP server password that you require remembered

Action Buttons

Delete: delete the selected account

Cancel: cancel all changes

Save all: save changes to disk

OK: save all changes to memory (to save to disk for future use, you must select the Save all button)

Example account

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