Viewing & creating email

Reading your email

Click on the second icon in from the left. New mail will appear in the main window (see figure 4).

Figure 4

To vew the body of the message, double click on it. A new window will open to display the message.

From the toolbar (see figure 5) along the top of the window, you can perform the following 7 actions: -

Figure 5

  1. Copy selected text to clipboard - this feature will copy the currently selected(highlighted) area of text and place it on the global clipboard. the text may then be pasted into any application, such as your favoured wordprocessor, that supports the global clipboard
  2. Reply to send - this feature allows you to send a reply to the sender of the message
  3. Reply to send and all recipients - this feature allows your to send a reply to the send and all of the message recipients
  4. Forward to new recipient - with this feature you can send a new copy of this email to anther recipient
  5. Save as text - save email as a text file
  6. Toggle headers - toggle the message headers on or off. the default is off
  7. Email attachments - click to detach email attachments

The message window is available also as a pop up menu. This is accessable via the middle mouse button. The pop up menu offers the same functions as the toolbar.

Creating a new email

Click on the sixth icon in from the left. A new window will open (see figure 6). From this window you can create and send a new email.

Figure 6

To create a email: -

  1. Enter in the email address of the person you want to email into the To box
  2. Enter in the subject of the message into the Subject box
  3. Click into the Message body. At this point you have three options
    1. Start typing your email
    2. Paste text into message body fom the global clipboard
    3. Drag a text file into the message body
  4. Click on the Send mail buton to post your message
  5. To add an attachment, simply drag the file over the grey area to the top of the window (the grey area where the To, Subject fields etc are)
    The Add/No attachment button will now show the number of attachments present
  6. To find more information about the attachment or to remove the attachment,
    1. Click on the Add/No attachment button (see figure 6a). A list of attachments will be displayed
    2. Follow the arrow to the right for the attachment information box "About this attachment"
    3. To remove an attachment, click the "Remove" button in the "About this attachment" window
  7. A menu option also exists for the "About this attachment" window
    1. Press the middle mouse button
    2. From the menu (see figure 6b), choose Attachments
    3. Move down attachment list to item required
    4. Follow the arrow out to the right to call up the "About this attachment" Window
Figure 6a Figure 6b

Note on attachments

You can add upto 10 attachments, providing you have enough free memory available for each attachment.

i.e 5 attachments at 2048KB each in size will require 10240KB of available free memory.

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