Address Book

Figure 7

The address book enables you to store your favourite email addresses on your local workstation.

The Addresses windows (figure 7) has 3 entry fields and 5 action buttons: -

Name: you may edit an exsiting address by using the list button to the right of the box or enter a new address. By default when you open this window from the iconbar menu, it defaults to New address

Edit details

Name: use this box to enter in a friendly name for the email address

Address: enter in the email address

Action buttons

New: Click this button to enter a new person into the address book

Delete: Click this button to delete the currently selected address

Set: Clicking this button will make any entered addresses or changes you have made available to the rest of the program. However if you quit the program without saving the addresses, they amendements you have made will not be remembered

Save addresses: Clicking this button will save the address book

Close: Clicking this button will close the address book window

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