I'm David Llewellyn-Jones and this is my homepage. I'm a software engineer at Jolla, who's also interested in programming, security, privacy and graphics. I occasionally crave adventure and a good thunderstorm. You might be interested in my software, my research or my random musings.

Want to know more about me? Here's a personality sketch written by a psychologist when I was in school.

“David is of high intelligence, although lacking in true creativity. He has a need for order and clarity, and for neat and tidy systems in which every detail finds its appropriate place. His writing is rather dull and mechanical, occasionally enlivened by somewhat corny puns and by flashes of imagination of the sci-fi type. He has a strong drive for competence. He seems to have little feel and little sympathy for other people and does not enjoy interacting with others. Self-centered, he nonetheless has a deep moral sense.”

Wow. Harsh. But disturbingly accurate.

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23 Oct 2021 : Waste data dump #
My latest waste data dump has gone up on my waste page. This was a bit of a long period of 18 days, maybe because I spent three of them in Berlin, but my waste output was also down. Averaging 96.94 g/day, which is much lower than my current 2021 average of 121.47 g/day. Everything was down except paper, for some reason. I've also been spending more time in work, so fewer lunches at home. Maybe that makes a difference too?
5 Oct 2021 : Waste data dump #
Another batch of waste data is now up on my waste page. I bought a leak, which always seems to get split half-half between dinner and the bin with all of its excess foliage, alongside some rolls that sadly went mouldy, means there was a blip in my compost waste this period. The other categories were all about average for 2021. The result is that my daily average of 142.19 g/day is slightly higher than my 2021 average of 123.06 g/day. I'll need to buy more efficient vegetables from now on.
25 Sep 2021 : Now #
I've decided to trial a Now page. I'm not sure whether it's a great way to focus my priorities or just pretentious self-indulgence, but I thought I'd give it a go. Oh, who am I kidding, it's clearly the latter. Best-case scenario it'll turn out to be both if I can manage to keep it maintained.
25 Sep 2021 : Flagellum source now available #
The Flagellum source code is now availble on github under an MIT licence. Flagellum is the PHP beackend I use to generate this site, which I wrote about previously during the time I upgraded it from ASP last year. The whole site has grown so much since I started it in 1998 that it was pretty hard to separate out the generic parts from the site-specific parts. There are still a few lingering hard-coded strings that need moving into the config file, but nothing too intrinsic I hope. This, plus the fact I couldn't think of a good name, meant I never quite got around to it until now. In fact it's been on my to-do list for fifteen years, so rather a relief to finally get it done.
19 Sep 2021 : PwdHash 1.3.1 released #
I've released an updated version of PwdHash, now at 1.3.1. This version has a new fresh icon, updated graphics, a new cover page with cover actions, a clearable domain field and updated About page. It's also now available from all of the Sailfish OS repositories: the Jolla Store, OpenRepos and also now sailfishos:chum. Source is on GitHub.