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19 Oct 2019 : More waste, more data #
Today I added more waste data to my recycling and waste graph. The overview is that glass is up for some reason, whilst compost is down. That's good because I've been making a special effort not to waste food this week. I dumped a bunch of newspapers that have been stacking up, which masks the fact my paper reduction plan seems to be working: I received no junk mail at all this week!
13 Oct 2019 : Waste and recycling data #
Another week, another round of rubbish weighed. I'm pleased it went down a bit this week from 2.5kg to 1.8kg total, mostly due to a big reduction in compostables being thrown away this week. Weighing my rubbish has highlighted how much of it comes from junk mail, so yesterday I added a note to my door that reads "Ei mainoksia kiitos" ("No ads please"). Let's see if that reduces my paper waste in future.
5 Oct 2019 : Waste and recycling data #
I've weighted my waste and the new numbers have been added to my waste tracking page. This week compost and card are up, while glass is down. My average is still around the 2.5kg level.