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24 Oct 2023 : Day 69 #
Yesterday I was grappling with a full reinstall of my Sailfish SDK. Everything is upgraded, shiny and fresh now. I'm still getting used to the new quirks. I had hoped to run a build overnight but it failed repeatedly while attempting to create the mach environment, stumbling each time while trying to download and install Python modules.

That was using my rock-solid home broadband. This morning I'm sitting on the train between Cambridge and London enjoying the temperamental Great Northern Line train Wifi. It's not what I'd call rock solid (it's free; I'm not complaining), but despite that the modules were downloaded and installed first time. What gives?

Anyway, the important thing is that the build is happily chugging away. I now have eight hours of work ahead of me, which should be long enough to get the build through, assuming everything works as expected (which is rarely the case, but hope springs eternal!).


I'm now on another train, this time enjoying free Wifi from Thameslink. Wifi, but no power outlets. I'm squeezing the last juice out of my laptop to finish the gecko build I started this morning. It's been running all day and as we pull in to Lechworth Garden City (sounds better than it is) is writing out the final rpm packages. That last package is finally written out as we arrive in to Baldock (sounds worse than it is). Sadly that doesn't leave time to do any proper development today.

I'll be hoping for a more productive day tomorrow.

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