A library for contact tracing
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contrac.h File Reference

Core Contact Tracing functionality. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
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#define TK_SIZE   (32)
#define TK_SIZE_BASE64   (44)


Contrac * contrac_new ()
void contrac_delete (Contrac *data)
bool contrac_generate_tracing_key (Contrac *data)
bool contrac_set_day_number (Contrac *data, uint32_t day_number)
bool contrac_set_time_interval_number (Contrac *data, uint8_t time_interval_number)
bool contrac_update_current_time (Contrac *data)
bool contrac_get_initialised (Contrac const *data)
uint32_t contrac_get_day_number (Contrac *data)
uint8_t contrac_get_time_interval_number (Contrac *data)
unsigned char const * contrac_get_tracing_key (Contrac const *data)
void contrac_get_tracing_key_base64 (Contrac const *data, char *base64)
void contrac_set_tracing_key (Contrac *data, unsigned char const *tracing_key)
bool contrac_set_tracing_key_base64 (Contrac *data, char const *tracing_key)
unsigned char const * contrac_get_daily_key (Contrac const *data)
void contrac_get_daily_key_base64 (Contrac const *data, char *base64)
unsigned char const * contrac_get_proximity_id (Contrac const *data)
void contrac_get_proximity_id_base64 (Contrac const *data, char *base64)

Detailed Description

Core Contact Tracing functionality.

David Llewellyn-Jones


Copyright David Llewellyn-Jones, 2020 Released under the GPLv2.


This class provides the core Contact Tracing functionality. It provides an interfaces for:

  1. Generating a random Tracing Key.
  2. Generating a Daily Tracing Key based on the current day number.
  3. Generating a Rolling Proximity Identifier based on the current time interval number.

Values can be extracted and set in binary or base64 format.