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21 Nov 2020 : Waste data dump #
Another of my fortnightly waste data dumps just went up. The daily average for this fortnight was 176.3g, which looks okay to me, but is actually slightly higher than my 2020 average so far of 171.0g. Close enough, I think. Proportionally it seems my returnables (that's plastic bottles and aluminium cans) were higher than usual. That's a product of boredom during lockdown, which I've been trying to stave off with unusual drinks. I'm not sure it's working, if I'm honest.
8 Nov 2020 : Waste data dump #
It's time for my fortnightly waste data dump again. The average for this period is 168.1g per day, very slightly more than last time, but still a good result. In fact it was pretty similar to the previous results even in the breakdown. Slightly more plastic and general, slightly less paper.
1 Nov 2020 : Site backend update #
There was a small update to the backend code for the site today. I found a couple of bugs over the course of the last week. First the wildcard rss feed that's supposed to include every addition to any list on the site was showing only the news items. Second the botstop check (a simple CAPTCHA used to prevent bots from accessing certain pages) was failing on pages that combined a URL rewrite with a redirect. Both of these should now be fixed.