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5 Dec 2020 : Waste data dump #
My latest waste data dump has just gone up. It's not looking so good this fortnight, with my daily average of 222.9 g/day being well over my 2020 average of 173.1 g/day. The reason? Christmas. If you look at December last year you'll see what I mean, and the same upward trend has started for me this year too. Some festive temperance is in order if I'm not going to undo all the hard work keeping my numbers down this year. Specifically, the big problem is glass. Even though it's recyclable it's still environmentally unfriendly and incredibly heavy. Generally I find it can be avoided, but at Christmas time: less so. It's good to relax during the cold dark winter nights (and in Finland, the cold dark days as well), but it'd be good to be able to do that without generating quite so much waste.