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24 Apr 2021 : Waste data dump #
I've just uploaded my lastest waste data dump. It's a bit of a strange one, because I left it a bit too long before taking measurements (an extra week of waste collection) and have now taken yet another week to log it. Clear signs of laziness on my part. Still, it serves to emphasise the benefit of using a histogram (or in this case a histocurve), rather than a bar chart (or standard line plot). I usually measure my waste every two weeks, accumulating to an overall total of around 2400g. Given the extra week, my total for this period is 3242g. When I first totted the numbers up I was a bit distressed, before it occurred to me about the delay in measuring my waste. If I recorded that absolute value on a graph, it would look like my waste output had increased, whereas in fact my average output across the three weeks is 170.6g per day, almost identical to my 2020 average of 173.8g per day. Because output on the graph is captured by area rather than height, it's easy to see from them that my output is pretty much the same as usual. The only real exception is returnables, caused by me drinking more soft drink as we head into the summer. I should probably keep an eye on that.