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21 Oct 2023 : Day 66 #
Over the last couple of days I've been putting together instructions for how to build gecko ESR 91 from scratch. I started out by spinning up an AWS instance running Ubuntu 22.04 and went from start (installing the SDK) to finish (building all the packages). I then followed that with the same thing again, but this time with feeling... but also more importantly context. That is I wrote out the instructions and explained my working as I went along

Today I'm doing something similar, but instead of writing it here I'm posting the instructions to the sailfish-browser wiki. There may be better places to put these and I'm very open to suggestions on this, but at least for now this acts as a good single source for the instructions that others can edit too.


The instructions are now up on the wiki. It's just a short diary entry today because I did most of the work over there. Hopefully this can be useful for someone and if you do give building gecko, please do also feedback so it can be improved.

For all the other entries in my developer diary, check out the Gecko-dev Diary page.


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