Welcome to my homepage! Here you'll find information about me, my research and various pieces of software I've written. You're welcome to contact me by email; please PGP encrypt your message using my public key if you want privacy.

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David Llewellyn-Jones


30 Mar 2014 : OpenVPN-Rig submitted #
OpenVPN-Rig is a small application for configuration and controlling an OpenVPN client connection from a Sailfish OS phone. I've just submitted it for QA to the Jolla Store. It's the first time I've submitted an app so this is all very new, but to be honest I'm not expecting it to get through. The app violates one of the store's requirements that it not need setuid permissions. Still you never know, and I thought I'd give it a try anyway. There's also now an OpenVPN-Rig page with some more info and screenshots.
23 Jan 2014 : Google Checkout #
As the final step in my retreat from Google's services, I've decided it's time to stop using Google Calendar. Unfortunately I've not been able to find a suitable alternative that I can also embed publicly in this site, so as a result the Calendar page is now defunct. Not a huge loss I suspect. And worth it to be free of the metaphorical shackles.
6 Jan 2014 : Epiphany #
On the twelfth day of Christmas... all of the decorations came down and the site returned to normal. Roll on Easter!
2 Jan 2014 : New semester imminent #
With things revving up for the start of the new semester next week, I've updated all of the details on my teaching page to reflect the few final changes to the timetable and my updated availability times.
28 Dec 2013 : New year, new SSL Certificate #
As of today has a new SSL/TLS security certificate valid for another year. The certificate is signed by StartSSL, who generously provide a free service!