Knot is a 3D Celtic Knot generation and rendering application for exploring different types of randomly generated knots. Most Celtic knots are only sort of 3D, in that they only use the third dimension for weaving the string, but otherwise exist on a plane. Knot will allow you to render these 2D Celtic knots in 3D. However, it also allows you to generalise these knots to create 3D Celtic knots rendered in 3D.

Other features include the following.

  • Generate random 2D and 3D Celtic knots, rendered in 3D.
  • Dynamically change knot attributes like thread thickness, size, weave height, etc.
  • Colour the knot threads to distinguish different loops.
  • Experiment with both traditional and less standard knots.
  • Save knots for future reloading.
  • Export the knot models as a Stanford .ply files for loading into 3D modelling software.
  • Print out exported models as physical objects.
  • Generate both symmetrical and non-symmetrical knots.

If you'd like to play around with some 2D knots before downloading the application, you can try out my Celtic Knot Web App. You can also read about the reasons why this application was created in the first place.

For bug reporting, discussion forums and other useful tools see the Knot project pages on SourceForge.

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Download the latest version of Knot in one of the following formats.

Platform Description Download
Any Knot source archive knot3d-0.1.4-1.tar.gz
Knot source Git access Git access
GNU/Linux Knot3D Ubuntu PPA on Launchpad Details
Knot x86 binary .deb package knot3d_0.1.4-1_i386.deb
Knot x64 binary .deb package knot3d_0.1.4-1_amd64.deb
Windows Knot binary installer Knot3DSetup-0.1.4-win32-bin.exe
Knot binary msi installer (use this if you already have GTK installed) knot3d-0.1.4-win32-bin.msi

Knot news

5 most recent items

12 May 2024 : Seeded Celtic Knots #
I've updated my Celtic Knot generator so that you can now add a "seed" value. This means you can copy the value and use it again in the future to generate the same knot again. You can also transfer the seed over to my 3D Celtic Knot app and the same knot will be generated there as well. Thanks to user tropez for the suggestion.
24 Jul 2015 : Functy and Knot3D back online #
About a week ago SourceForge suffered what seemed to be a catastrophic outage, taking everything offline. I realised when some of the tools I use for continuous integration and syndication started to complain at me. I'm pleased to see things are getting back to normal. Both Functy and Knot3D are hosted on SourceForge and both are now back online. SourceForge is an important site from an Open Source perspective and I feel for the SourceForge team who clearly have had to do a lot of work to piece everything back together.
5 Jun 2015 : Knot3D daily builds #
Knot3D is now also available as a daily build from my Ubuntu Launchpad PPA. If you're using Ubuntu, it's by far the easiest way to install and keep it updated.
1 Jul 2013 : Knot3D 0.1.4 released #
Now sporting its new name, along with a bundle of bug fixes, a new version of Knot3D is now available. Knot3D is an open source (MIT-licensed) Celtic knot rendering program. As well as traditional flat knots it'll also create full three-dimensional cuboid knots, which can be output as mesh files for rendering or 3D printing. Installers are available for Linux and Windows (as well as the sourcecode if you're using something else).
1 Jul 2013 : Not Knot but Knot3D #
Knot now has a new name: it's now called knot3d. It's not a massive change, but an important one since it turns out there's already a (very different) Debian package called knot. The new name is to avoid it clashing. Thanks to Daniel Matthews for highlighting the issue!


  • Knot3D Knot3D
    Version 0.00 (1 Jul 2013) for Linux and Windows.
    Knot3D is an open source Celtic knot rendering application. It'll render standard knots on a 2D plane with a 3D weave. It also generalises these to allow proper 3D knots to be rendered. More info...
    Download: binary, source, screenshot.


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